As many of you may already know, Mike Bringhurst, a good friend of mine and a former classmate, recently passed away.  I would like to write just a few words in his memory.

Mike BringhurstMike and I were best friends from the time we first met walking to kindergarten at Art City Elementary, up until Junior High, when our paths diverged somewhat.  I have so may great memories of our times together.  Hiking and camping up on Round Peak, riding our bikes downtown to visit the pawn shop or 7-11, going on fishing trips with Mike’s Dad and Grandpa, endless sleepovers at each others’ houses, playing pool and watching MTV in Mike’s basement, catching fish with our bare hands in Hobble Creek, hiking down the creek through the golf course, collecting lost golf balls, building jumps for our bikes, long summer days at Seven Peaks, camping in the Uintas.  The list goes on, much already lost to my aging memory, but so many great experiences are still fresh in my mind.


Wherever Mike is now, I want to tell him thanks for all the good times and for being my friend.  I wish I could have been a better friend in return, at times when he may have needed one.  Until we meet again, Mike, Cheers.


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